Seven secrets of wellbeing: Isabelle Pacchioni, founder of Puressentiel

Isabelle PACCHIONI - Récolte de la Gaulthérie (Nepal) - copyright H.Pichoux-Puressentiel.png

The daughter of a herbalist and a naturopath, it’s hardly surprising that Isabelle Pacchioni grew up ‘immersed in nature’ and aware of everything it has to offer in terms of health, wellbeing and beauty.

A specialist in aromatherapy, Isabelle always looked after her family with plant remedies and essential oils in particular. In 2005, Isabelle and her husband Marco launched Puressentiel, a range of ready to use products expertly formulated with high quality essential oils, backed up by independent clinical research.

As the range has grown, Puressentiel has become the leading brand sold in French pharmacies and now has an international presence. We do suggest exploring the wide range of products, now available at Boots as well as Amazon and Whole Foods. A recent launch, Puressential Organic Essential Elixir with eight enriching oils is becoming a cult favourite with us for its ability to help protect our skin and reduce the damage from pollution. (Johnny Wilkinson is a big fan of the brand – not sure he’s into the facial oil, though…yet!)

We asked Isabelle for her wellbeing secrets – and here’s what helps her stay balanced.

1. Being close to nature. My family – that’s Marco, my husband for 30 years, and our grown up daughters and son – is very fond of hiking so we can be close to nature, the wilder the better. I find it very inspiring. My best family holiday is spending time together high on a mountain, or on a boat out in the ocean. Just us and the elements. 

2. Accepting I’m not perfect. You have to accept that you can’t do everything perfectly, although that’s quite hard for a perfectionist! You have to let it go, accept you will be wrong sometimes, admit your mistakes and draw something positive from them.

3. Embracing motherhood. I cherish every moment I can have with my three children. I discovered when I raised them that I was dealing with three completely different people. To me, being a mother is supporting each one of them as they grow up, respecting who they have become and what they undertake. Of course, both sides have to compromise but it is an amazing relationship that you build throughout your lifetime and it enriches you.

4. Letting go with yoga. I’m a big fan of yoga, which I practice regularly at home to clear my mind. Stress is the enemy of our skin so we need to let it go and relax. I like diffusing essential oils such as true lavender or Eucalyptus radiata during my practise. Applying a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil on my wrists as well as on my neck also really helps me to unwind.

5. Working with my family. Our adventure would not have been possible otherwise. Marco and I created Puressentiel in 2005 because of our passion for nature. Our son Rocco and Marco’s sister Florence joined us early on. Being independent really matters to us and we are determined to remain a 100 per cent family business.

6. Keeping some quality ‘me-time’. In my personal life, I cherish small simple pleasures, such as chatting with a friend for ten minutes, watching a movie, listening to music or reading a book.

7. Not compromising on sleep. Sleeping well is the secret to feeling in good shape and refreshed when you wake up. I do not compromise on getting the sleep I need. Last year, we launched Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray, which contains 12 essential oils to spray around the bedroom in the evening, to help people get restful sleep.