Bumboo (bamboo loo paper)


Did you know that over 27,000 trees are felled each day, only to be flushed down the loo in the form of toilet paper made from virgin wood pulp?

Recycled loo paper makes a difference – but we’ve often found it scratchy. That’s because the fibres can be challenged in the (sometimes chemically intensive) recycling process.

So we prefer bamboo. Naturally renewable, responsibly-farmed bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare each year, literally taking C02 out of the atmosphere and locking it up in the ground. It removes heavy metals and toxins, draws water to the surface and holds the soil together. And a bamboo plant can be harvested for up to 70 years. Bamboo also thrives in depleted soils where little else can flourish.

As authors of The Green Beauty Bible and The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible (flag-waving eco bunnies from way back, in other words), we’re pleased to welcome Bumboo to the lavatorial landscape. Super-soft, planet-, tree- and panda-friendly, its production supports local rural economies; for more info about the organisation that Bumboo work with, visit edenprojects.org.

It’s prettily wrapped (the outer wrapping is of course recyclable), making it a design statement in your bathroom, too. Loo paper subscriptions are definitely the way to go (provided you’ve got the room to store it) – and you save 10% on Bumboo if you order by subscription.

So we can honestly say we love this – from the bottom of our hearts. (And the heart of our bottoms…?)

£40 per carton of 48 rolls/£36 on subscription – buy here