Fab Find of the Week: Fer à Cheval


With soap having a massive revival, you may have spotted creations by Fer à Cheval popping up in stores near you. (Gorgeous stockists include Flint in Lewes, Long Barn in Winchester, Stiffkey Stores in Norfolk, Objects of Use in Oxford…) 

Or you may have spotted it on your French travels, of course. Fer à Cheval (it means ‘horseshoe’) is the oldest and biggest soap company in Marseilles, still making soap in the traditional way, to an age-old recipe and traditional techniques passed down through generations of master soap-makers.

The big, blocky Savon de Marseilles-embossed olive oil soaps are the most traditional, of course (and very reasonably priced), but they now also offer all sorts of beautifully-scented soaps including Lavender, Rose Petals, White Tea & Yuzu, Seaside Citrus, Aqua Tangerine (we’re particularly loving that one). No single UK website stocks the lot, but the French website ships (and Cotswold Trading has a good selection, in the UK).

If you prefer liquid soaps, there’s a wonderful range of those – scented or non-scented (as above) – and for your inner #instacleaner, a great range of home cleaning options that are definitely a step up from Fairy. 

We think it’s definitely a lucky day, the day you discover Fer à Cheval.

 From €4.50 – buy here