Sarah Chapman Night Icon Night Smartsome A3 X503

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Well, hello again, Icon Night.

We wanted to write about Sarah Chapman’s age-defying Icon Night almost a year ago. Then it completely disappeared from sight – a total sell-out – so we put this post on the back burner.

Well, hallelujah: Icon Night’s back – and we couldn’t be happier. This cream is like shrugging on your favourite cashmere sweater. Just comforting and inviting, instantly soothing (and instantly improving skin’s appearance with an ever-so-slightly-radiant-yet-not-shimmery finish, we’ve observed).

Since we’re talking about Sarah Chapman, of course, it is fired up by a slew of wonder ingredients. So: should you want the science bit, we can reveal that this cream – with a luxe price to 3match that luxe texture, NB – offers ‘a revolutionary X503 targeted peptide drone delivery system’. There’s ‘retinaldehyde vitamin A’ in there, too. 

Frankly, this isn’t what interests us about any skin cream. It’s surely clever stuff – and few facialists know more about skin or have higher standards than Sarah Chapman. (Yes, it’s pricy. But there are much more expensive creams out there.)

But at Beauty Bible what we look for, always, is a product that delivers sensory pleasure while you use it – and visible results, ideally both instantly (as in this case) and over the longer-term. Descriptions like this make creams sound like they’re capable of flying you to the moon and back – when probably matters just as much in a cream is using it regularly and diligently.

After using this for a while ourselves, we’re certainly noticing fine lines are finer, and skin is brighter – but it hasn’t been long, so we’ll stick with it. (No reaction to the vitamin A ingredient, by the way, which we sometimes experience in form of redness and irritation. So that’s a good sign. But it is important to up the daytime SPF whenever you’re using a vitamin A product.)

Most of all, we look forward to using it, at bedtime. Almost as much as slipping between cool sheets with a good book and a hot night-time drink. A cream that makes us feel like that will win our hearts, every time.

And hopefully, this time it’s around to stay.

£98 for 30ml – buy here