Fab Find of the Week: Elizabeth W Silk Sleep Mask (Floral Poppy)


We are very, very picky about sleep masks. They have to be super-comfy – not too tight, not too loose. They have to feel soft on the skin. And they have to keep out every molecule of light, for when we’re on planes or staying in strange, spare bedrooms where our hosts somehow think that net curtains are all that are needed for a good night’s sleep*.

Well, these beautiful masks – hand-made by artisans in the San Francisco area for Elizabeth W. and available here via Cologne & Cotton - fulfilling all our eye mask wishes, and are available in all sorts of absolutely beautiful designs. The fabric that touches your skin is a sueded silk that doesn’t slip but feels like a cloud, and the mask’s slightly over-sized, to keep out the light.

Elizabeth W’s have immediately become our new go-to sleep mask – but more than that, since the gift of a great night’s sleep is probably one of the nicest anyone can receive, we’ll be giving them away for birthdays.

(And – whisper it softly, because it’s February – Christmas.)

£28 – buy here

* Those hosts/hostesses clearly haven’t paid heed to a great tip we once heard about staying a night in your own spare room, to experience it as a guest would – and ensure that the bedside light is strong enough, the pillows supportive – oh, and that the curtains keep the sunlight out!