Ilāpothecary Beat The Blues Shower & Bath Oil and Pulse Point rollerball


Ever since we first smelled Ilāpothecary’s Beat the Blues blend, we’ve been spritzing the air at Beauty Bible HQ we are in need of strength, fortification or we’re feeling down or slump-y..

It’s gloriously tuberose-y, with touches of rebalancing geranium, clary sage (for mental strength) and petitgrain, which Denise Leicester – healer and Ilāpothecary founder – incorporated in the blend ‘to banish negative energies’.

It’s been such a hit that (hurrah and hooray!), Ilāpothecary have now extended the range. First up is a sublime Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil, which leaves skin beautifully nourished and veiled in scent as we emerge from the fragrant waters. (Just brilliant before bedtime, NB.) It also makes the most glamorous and heaven-scented leg-shaving oil on the planet!

Ilāpothecary has also just launched a Beat the Blues Pulse Point rollerball – perfect for the handbag. Can’t tell you how many times, since we recently started using this, people have already stopped us and said: ‘What’s that gorgeous fragrance you’re wearing…?’

Just unbeatable.

Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil/£29 for 150ml buy here

Beat the Blues Pulse Point/£27 for 10ml – buy here

Or buy the whole ritual with the amazing Room Spray for £84 – here