Saint Côme Laboratories Airborne Aromatherapy Sprays


We love aromatherapy oils – but we know some people who have problems putting them on their skin. (One close friend now actually goes into anaphylactic shock, and though this is a reaction rarer than hen’s teeth, it’s obviously a concern.)

When Dijon-based twin brother pharmacists Christian and Claude Richard launched their Airborne Aromatherapy sprays – which you can use in cars, house or office (and in our case, hotel rooms we’re visiting) – they wanted to extend the psycho-sensorial benefits of essential oils to everyone.

Created from 100% pure essential oils, Saint Côme’s air spritzers are definitely a brilliant alternative to chemically-based sprays – and there are none of the soot particles from burning a candle which are causing concern in some circles. (We’ve bought air quality meters and will be measuring with interest.)

Lots of different aroma-combos – we particularly like Mint Eucalyptus to deodorise a hotel room, Lavender Rosemary for when we’re feeling frazzled and the uplifting Mint Niaouli, for mid-afternoon sluggishness. There’s also a Travel Kit here, which is a great introduction to the range – a great on-the-go arsenal of trouble-shooters (and very reasonable, we think, at £21.99).

Spritztastic, every one.

£11.99 for 100ml – buy here