This Works Sleep Power Recharge Mask


You could be forgiven for looking a bit ‘blah’ this week. Too many Quality Street. Too many nights staying up watching the box sets you were given for Christmas. Too much time on the sofa generally…

Our best tip is to power up with some power walking – but a fast-acting skin-booster that should get your skin back on track is the fab, wonderfully aromatic mask from good old This Works.

Yes, you will look like Avatar when you apply bright blue This Works Sleep Power Recharge Mask, via its brush top. (A very soothing feeling, BTW.) No, you should not open the door to the DPD delivery guy wearing it. But when you remove after 20 minutes, skin will be brightened by the fruit acids and plumped by a surge of hyaluronic acid. And yes, if you’re an aromatherapy devotee, you’re going to adore the scent – grounding and uplifting at once, with its blend of vetiver, patchouli, camphor and lemon.

January blues? Aptly enough, a darned good way to banish them.

£32 for 50ml – buy here