The Happy Jar


The Happy Newspaper is a wonderful antidote to the doom and gloom pushed at us by the mainstream media. (And when we say pushed, we mean it: they want us to be addicted to news of the bad things happening in the world.)

Jo has a subscription to The Happy Newspaper, and when a new copy lands on her mat – all beautifully illustrated by the talented Emily Coxhead – it is literally a ray of sunshine. Full of positive stories about the good stuff happening in the world, and caring people – she calls them ‘Everyday Heroes’ – who are responsible for some of them.

Emily’s created some rather wonderful products, too, of which this is our current favourite – literally a jar of happiness. Keep it on your desk and when you’re feeling low, or in need of a reward for biting the bullet and doing something you were dreading, open up one of the messages. T

his is about taking time for yourself, to stop and reflect and appreciate, and give yourself some TLC – the sort of thing that’s actually vital for mental health. (When you reach the end of the jar, you could write yourself some positive messages to refill it.)

A very happy find – and a terrific way to spread a little happiness to a friend or other loved one, perhaps.

£8.99 – buy here