Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Therapies Balancing Rose & Lychee


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a haircare legend. Definitely up there in the Beauty Hall of Fame, from a brand with a 45-year heritage of helping people with hair challenges of all kinds.

Elasticizer may be well-known – but here it is with a difference. The ‘therapy’ angle is that the iconic deep conditioner is infused in this version with an Ayurvedic blend of oils to calm, balance and relax while putting the strength and shine back into your hair. (This comes in a MAHOOSIVE one-litre bottle – and is priced accordingly – so if you don’t have healthy hair after this, there’s something very wrong.)

For us, the smell of a product is hugely important – it’s what makes us want to use it. (We can’t use a product we don’t like the scent of more than once, actually.) Here, the scent is gently grounding: wild cedarwood, royal saffron, Sicilian amber, Rosa Centifolia and Bengal lychee, which we were unfamiliar with but is cultivated in India for its calming effect on stress and mood, along with touches of caramel and vanilla.

The idea is that you apply the pre-shampoo mask, then use the time while it gets to work doing something that helps you unwind for 20 minutes: read a book, do some yoga poses, have a bath.

Then shampoo, rinse – and chill.

£67 for 1000ml – buy here (NB since this is QVC, you can watch an actual video about the product on the page you shop from)