Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF30


There are often performance compromises with mineral-based sunscreens (which we've long preferred ourselves) – but oh no, not here.

Cooling to apply and with a suitably cool-as-a-cucumber light fragrance, it smooths right in and creates a great base for summer make-up from the minute it's in place. No need to massage in madly to blend, no ghostly white 'cast', no need to wait for it to sink in – and no greasiness or excessive shine. What it does deliver, though, is a smoothing, BB-effect that slightly evens out the complexion.

Coola call themselves 'a quintessential slice of California life' (that's where they're based), with everything largely plant-based and powered by antioxidants. Some of the sunscreens are chemically-based but this features mineral titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, in one of the easiest-to-apply formulations of any suncare we've tried. (No joking!)

Just call us Californian girls (or whatever the slightly superannuated, politically correct version of that happens to be).

£36 for 50ml – buy here