Molton Brown Precious Body Oils collection


We can remember not long ago when fragrance houses were delisting their ‘layering’ products like crazy, and you could barely get a ‘matching’ body lotion, oil or soap bar.

Now the trend’s completely reversed. Layering is firmly back in style – the concept of creating a fragrant ‘base’ over which to spritz a perfume with the same scent, because of the way it majorly turbo-charges its staying power. (Fragrance loves to cling to oil, on the skin, which is why perfume tends to disappear into the ether faster on dry-skinned women.) 

Beyond that, some women prefer to use a scented body product than an actual perfume – we’ve often felt ourselves that it’s ‘time-released’ during the day. It can give a subtler, more ‘personal’ effect, too – less intrusive in an office, some believe. (Although we’re always quite liberal with perfume, BTW, and get loads of compliments!)

So Molton Brown just boosted their body oils range in a big way – glorious treats in their own right, pumping out scent for hours and softening/nourishing skin, with it.

Joining the line-up are Fiery Pink Pepper Pampering Body Oil, Heavenly Gingerlily Caressing Body Oil, Suede Orris Enveloping Body Oil, Jasmine & Sun Rose Exquisite Body Oil, Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Vibrant Body Oil, and – our favourite – the utterly divine Rosa Absoluta Sumptuous Body Oil, which swirls with deep, velvety dark rose notes, raspberry, violet leaf, geranium, patchouli, labdanum and vanilla, in a nurturing argan oil blend. 

These join the existing Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Precous Body Oil (slightly more expensive than the others, at £45 for 100ml), and the classic Orange & Bergamot Radiant Body Oil, which we wrote about here. (We always think of this as Molton Brown’s quintessential fragrance.)

Striking oils, every one.

£40 for 100ml – buy here