Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse


What exactly is a '4-in-1' cleanser? Well, it cleanses. (Obvs.) Melts away make-up quite beautifully. But this product addition to the Lumity supplement line-up does much more than that (and we're a teensy bit addicted).

Secondly, it has a warming effect when smoothed into skin. V-e-r-y relaxing, last thing at night. This dissipates after a minute or two while you massage it into skin, but it's heaven while it lasts.

But you don't have to remove it right away – because it works as a mask, too. Leave it on as long as you like. Just warn the family – and maybe don't answer the door to Ocado or Amazon, because Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse is quite, quite black. Yet despite the addition of activated charcoal, to draw out impurities – hence the blackness – it's packed with skin-nourishers, too: camellia seed and coconut oils, alongside other oils extracted from baobab, cranberry and coffee seed.

It is, actually, suitable for all complexions – even those troubled skins prone to breakouts, since there's plenty of echinacea to target problem complexions. For more mature skins, meanwhile, Lumity have incorporated amla extract and passion flower seed oil, to stimulate the cells responsible for skin's bounce-back factor.

In truth, we're not using it every night for our cleanse – but as a thrice-a-week deep treatment which gently exfoliates as it's massaged in. (The fourth action.) Once sluiced away – a warm, wet flannel being our remover of choice – we're enjoying skin that's brighter, plumper and perfectly clean without being uncomfily squeaky.