L’Occitane Wonderful Jasmine Melting Butter

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There is aftersun. (And we all need that.)

But then there is something we’d call ‘quite-a-long-time-after-sun– a product that tackles the dryness which sets in quite some time after you’re home, when skin starts to flake – basically, developing a kind of body dandruff.

That’s what happens to Jo – but after a recent winter sun break, this brilliant addition to L’Occitane’s already stellar body butter line-up fixed the problem beautifully. First off, we’re loving the texture: all the power of shea butter, but in a lighter, easier-to-apply, ‘whipped’ form. It’s really rich and creamy – but it does blend beautifully and positively melt into parched limbs.

Then there’s the smell: a delicious, tropical jasmine scent. Walso getting subtle touches of tropical tiaré/frangipani and maybe even a whisper of vanilla – but the fragrance is altogether lovely.

It’s the effect which really impressed Jo, though – the ultra-nourishing butter not only instantly conquered the flaking, but provided long-term moisturisation. A rich slather made all the difference: no more snake-skin – and a winter tan that lasted very well, while whisking her to the tropics with each application.

And you probably need that even more, if you haven’t been lucky enough to get away from this weather.

£24 for 125 ml – buy here