Chantecaille Bébé

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When Olivia Chantecaille – of Chantecaille skincare fame – gave birth to her daughter Delphina, the idea of coming up with baby skincare was also born. But – being Chantecaille – this collection is the embodiment of conscientious luxury. (And frankly, we’d happily borrow it ourselves.)

Interestingly, although Chantecaille has always contained high levels of naturals and organic ingredients, they’ve gone a stage further with this beautiful capsule collection of babycare, having it organically certified by Ecocert and COSMOS, the European organic certification organisations.

Deeply concerned after her paediatrician told her that a baby’s skin was 10 times thinner than an adult’s, Olivia explains: ‘As a new parent… I wanted products that I trusted implicitly – pure, high-quaity, safe formulas that were created with integrity. I was constantly looking at all the organic and natural products on the market and found them not to be on a par with the products I used on myself.’

No getting away from it: this is for pampered babies and the yummiest of mummies. But no getting away from it: we did fall head-over-heels with these products when we tried them at a recent Chantecaille event, for which Alex Chantecaille (Olviia’s sister) had jetted in from New York.

Chantecaille Bébé Orange Blossom Face Cream smells like nothing so much as heaven on earth, wonderfully orange blossom-y and rich in organic oils of tamanu and coconut oil.

Chantecaille Bébé Wild Moss Rose Body Lotion is equally sublime, with delicious wafts of rose – a familiar Chantecaille signature. (As yet the Bébé Flower Petal Hair & Body Wash pictured hasn’t crossed the pond to the UK, yet.)

Bottom line? We’d definitely like to baby ourselves, with these.

Face Cream £39 for 50 ml - buy here

Body Lotion £40 for 120 ml – buy here