Dior Capture Youth

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We are consistently asked by young women what anti-ageing regime they can embark on. In general, our advice us: wear sunscreen, wear a hat, keep your face out of the sun. And wait.

But we live in an I-want-it-now world, with more and more young women turning to fillers and Botox. If this Dior range offers an alternative to that, we can’t welcome it too warmly.

Its ‘face’ is Cara Delevigne. (And can we say we’d far rather see an age-appropriate model fronting this range than the usual choice of someone that age for a skincare line targeted at women of our age. It still happens too often!)

Impressively, Dior – who worked in tandem with Université Pierre et Marie Curie on the derm research behind this collection – have succeeded in creating serum formulations which are 85% natural. Capture Youth offers the combo of a targeted serum and a universal cream. Here’s your choice of serums:

The Glow Booster offers vitamin C, for a radiance boost.

The Plump Filler – well, this is packed with hyaluronic acid, to for deep rehydration and (yes) plumping.

The Redness Soother – comforts and soothes touchy and irritated skin which may be prone to redness.

The Matte Maximizer regulates serum and helps to defy shine – often more of a problem for younger skins than fine lines and wrinkles, frankly. It also has  a ‘blurring’ action.

The Lift Sculptor – hmmm, really? Worried about sagging? (Just wait, honey.) But if that’s a young woman’s beauty concern, this seeks to address it with a blend of natural polyphenols from green and white tea that target tone and elasticity.

Layer the Dior Capture Age-Delay Advanced Crème over this: a beautifully fine-textured cream boosted by antioxidant Florentine iris, which instantly smooths and soothes.

But don’t forget the sunscreen, girls. That’s still more important than anything…

Dior Capture Age-Delay Advanced Crème £75 for 50 ml ­– buy here

Serums – £75 for 30 ml – buy here