Dr. Huang Beauty Lab Centella Repairing Mask


You know those times when you look in the mirror and think: ‘Blimey.’ 

Drab skin. Grey skin. Tired skin. And it feels dry, too.

Jo had one of those moment, recently. (It happens, even to beauty editors – after too many early starts, too much travelling.) But at The Natural & Organic Products Show, a couple of weeks previously, Niche & Cult had slipped one of these masks into her swag bag. Her eye had been caught by the words: ‘Centella Asiatica’. We know from way back how powerful a skin-booster this is (we think Estée Lauder first mentioned this ingredient to us, sometime in beauty’s Jurassic Age). 98% natural, this, too.

Now, we do love a good sheet mask. (All hail to the Koreans for these, of course.) But it’s got to be a GOOD sheet mask, mind – we like ours almost saturated with moisture and skin-reviving botanicals.

So: on this went. In bed, last thing at night. 10 or 15 minutes later, when she peeled off the mask, skin was majorly dewy – maybe verging on wet, actually, but Jo massaged the residue into skin and just left it, adding just a dab or two of eye cream.

Next morning: skin brighter, nourished, plumper, fine lines – well, just a little bit finer. Actually transformed.

And looking in the mirror, all she could think this time was: ‘Holy sheet…!!!!’

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