Diptyque/Pierre Frey Duo Sets (limited edition)


Is anything more guaranteed to quicken the heart on the home fragrance front than a Diptyque candle…? They’re a never-fail gift to friends, we find, with a scent for everyone.

But if there’s one thing nicer than a Diptyque candle – it’s got to be TWO Diptyque candles. Two candles in a gorgeous box, what’s more, designed by French fabric and wallpaper maestro Pierre Frey.

For spring, Diptyque has a selection of these scented duos in limited edition boxes. They’ve always been big on scent ‘layering’ – burning more than one candle, for a customised effect – but this takes the guesswork out of the process. 

There’s a different box for each duo, which makes choosing harder, actually – Leather & Violet, Sandalwood & Tuberose, Cypress & Figuier, Narguilé & Lily (a newish introduction, Narguilé is that waft you get from shisha pipes, generally outside Arabic restaurants). And then there’s this, our favourite, which is Roses & Jasmin.

Some duos have been so successful that they’ve already sold out online, but you should still be able to hunt them down at Diptyque counters and boutiques. And we’re thinking of something really, really lovely to keep in this splashy keepsake box. (Oh, how a nice box ‘sparks joy’ for us, to quote Marie Kondo. Who we’re probably never going to be.) 

Not an everyday purchase, for sure. But ideal for a lavish gift if someone has a landmark birthday coming up. Or you’re feeling like you deserve something particularly cheering that isn’t another pair of shoes…

£95 for two x 160g candles – buy here