Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Balm

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This product has been mis-named.

Because once you’ve used it, you absolutely don’t need to cleanse again. Skin will be perfectly, squeakily clean (but without being umcomfily over-stripped).

The flip-top tube comes with an incredibly clever rubber mitt that slips over the hand - it’s a bit like a Foreo Luna, but you have to supply the massaging action - to work into skin (NB it’s great for lifting debris from around the nose).

Simply rinse - and then, like we say, you’re properly done cleansing.

We are also reliably informed that this will remove chewing gum that’s stuck to hair. Unlikely ever to have to resort to that ourselves - but do report back if you have a gun emergency and a tube of this to hand...!

£44 for 90 ml - buy here