7 Secrets of wellbeing: Bramley's Chloe Luxton tells all

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We're always fascinated by how other women 'do it'.

You know, stay on top of integrating* family, friends, and a growing business. So for the first in the 2018 series of 7 Secrets of Wellbeing interviews, we asked Chloe Luxton – founder of rising star natural beauty brand Bramley (here's our review of their fab oils) – to tell us what works for her. Hope it inspires you, as it did us.

* Forget all about 'juggling'. The new way to describe managing the many different roles women have is to call it 'integrating' – which certainly pushes our button, as it doesn't sound quite so much as if we're about to drop a plate or a ball somewhere.

Anyway, back to Chloe...

1. It's important for me to nap/be rested. I have three small children and I can count on my hands how many full nights’ sleep I’ve had in the last seven years so I find it vital to nap when I can. It doesn’t have to be long (although the longer the better), but anything from 20 minutes to an hour or so means that I am a happier person and I can function fully at work or home. 

2. I make a point of getting outside. Sometimes when it’s cold and wet the idea of getting outside and going on a walk is the last thing you want to do – but it’s so worth pushing yourself to go. I love the county air and the changing seasons and I get so inspired by nature in general – the changing leaves, the wild animals and birds and I have developed a deep love for flowers (I’m sure it’s to do with putting them on Bramley’s labels!). When I can I like to go for a run, taking the dog with me so that we both get exercised. It’s also vital to make sure the children have enough time outside; I love seeing them running around the garden looking for the chickens, play fighting with sticks or paddling in the stream. It’s definitely good for the soul. 

3. My girlfriends really matter to me. Friends are so important to your general wellbeing – it could be a casual hello at the school gates, an e-mail from a favourite colleague or a call from an old friend but whatever it is, savour it and return the favour. Nowadays it’s so easy not to pick up the phone and just communicate through social media, WhatsApp or text message but nothing beats meeting up with a couple of girlfriends for a good catch. I’m lucky because when we moved to Wiltshire from London I was asked to join a ‘Stitch & Bitch’ group - that was 8 years ago and we still meet once a month at someone’s house for supper, although not much sewing happens anymore! 

4. Don't sweat the small stuff. After I had children a friend of mine told me to make sure I pick my battles when it comes to the children – and she’s right; there is no point in getting het up that your son will only wear tights for an entire year (yes, that happened) or that your daughter insists on everything being pink! It’s only a phase and it won’t last forever so just let it run its course because life’s too short to try and fight it!  This sentiment can be translated across all parts of your life and it spills over into my next tip which is don’t overthink things. I’m lucky in that I am naturally not a worrier, sure I have my moments, but I’m generally a positive person and I don’t let thoughts go on repeat in my head. I think this comes with age too, I don’t worry so much what people think of me or if I’m good at my job, I’m a lot more confident.

5. I make time to read. I’ve recently joined a book club and I’m really enjoying getting back into reading. It’s definitely good for the soul and it’s a really lovely discipline to have before your turn your light out.  I love a good book and the escapism it gives. If I don’t have a good book on the go, I take the weekend magazines to bed and work my way through them over the week; they’re always good to keep abreast of what’s hot at the moment but they also have some great features about interesting people and I love that aspect of them.

6. I run my life by lists. Write lists, write lists about lists. Quite often I am woken by a child in the night and then I can’t get back to sleep and my mind starts going over all the things I need to do for Bramley or the children and so I write lists. I used to write them down with pen and paper but nowadays I do it on my phone and it means that my mind calms and I can go back to sleep. There’s also nothing more satisfying than crossing things off your list as you do them!

7. I make sure to take my make-up off. Just a quick one but an important one, always take your make up off before bed and use a facial oil on cleansed skin.  I’ve been creating my own facial oils, packing them full of antioxidants and anti-ageing essential oils!

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