ColorWOW! Dreamcoat

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.23.00.png

This has lived up to the ‘wow’ of its name since it was first launched. Absolutely flown off the shelves: a frizz-busting, humidity-beating product in some of the sexiest packaging unveiled in 2017.

We’re pretty late to the party writing about this, then. (Long after India Knight, whose paean of praise in The Sunday Times Style supplement turned it into an almost instant sell-out.)

Here’s the gen: from ColorWOW! (whose chemist is the same man as brought us the original Frizz-Ease – say-no-more), this proofs hair against humidity by coating it with a ‘textile’: a heat-activated polymer that seals the individual strands. (Also making them super-shiny and silky.) But unlike silicones, it doesn’t build up on the hair shaft. (Ultimately, those shine-boosting silicones can have the opposite effect.)

HOWEVER – what we can add is that we’ve also found that Dreamcoat is brilliant for ‘hat hair’. You know – those hideous, literally vertical, static-induced flyaways that you get when you take a winter hat off (and we’ve worn a lot of those this chilly winter).

So: good in hot climates and humid air.

But pretty dreamy in the depths of winter, too.

£22 for 200 ml – buy here