Scentered Sleep Well Therapeutic Candles

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We’re used to anointing our bodies and spritzing our pillows to help beckon sleep – but we’re enjoying this new addition to our night-time arsenal from aromatherapy brand Scentered.

It blends 14 different essential oils known for their calming benefits, including cedarwood, lavender, chamomile, palmarosa, geranium, ylang ylang and clove – wonderful warming and soothing, in one. 100% natural, and non-GM (it’s an issue, with soy-based products).

After the first 60-minute burn (to ensure the wax burns evenly), Scentered recommend this can be used for just 20 minutes – perhaps in the bath, or simply flickering on the bedside table while you read a book at bedtime.

Two sizes – one more travel-friendly, and ideal for anyone (like us) who experiences sleep challenges when staying in a strange bed.

£16.50-32.95 – buy here