Spas We Love: Maison Sisley, Paris


When we say this is a ‘spa we love’, we mean as in: love, love, LOVE.

We’ve been to a few Parisienne beauty salons and spas, in our time. Generally, they’re ormolu-ed up the wazoo, and sometimes – dare we say it? – a trifle snooty. But Maison Sisley – the HQ of the legendary French skincare and fragrance name – is something completely different.

For a start, it’s more boho-chic than gilded baroque or super-clinical. A mix of welcoming antique chairs, interesting artworks, funky lighting – a reflection of the innate good taste of the d’Ornano family, who still own Sisley. As a result, on her recent visit, Jo began to relax immediately – a process continued as she lay in the pale blue, cocooning room for her treatment. (NB with a super-generous sized changing room – a real bonus, that.)

Having experienced facials which just drag on forever – and not one to love having her face pawed for too long, or to risk a reaction to an ceaseless stream of products – Jo booked for a one-hour treatment.)

It began with a lovely, deep double-cleanse with Lyslait – and then as if her skin wasn’t feeling nourished and clean enough, a buffing with really rather a wonder product followed: Hydra-Flash Formule Intensive. This works via enzymes and BHAs to peel away dead skin – and has now become a regular in Jo’s regime. (Quite the surprise, since generally her skin doesn’t react well to acids.) Last traces were removed with Floral Toning Lotion – and though we don’t generally bother with toners, the heavenly flowery scent of this is enough to change a beauty editor’s mind.

There followed deep, circulation-boosting/lymph-draining massage. And the divine (and Beauty Bible Award-winning) Black Rose Cream Mask, together with the targeted Eye Contour Mask (which really did, surprisingly, de-puff). And the fabulous Black Rose Facial Oil, finally ending up with lashings of what has become Jo’s favourite cold weather comforting face cream, Confort Extrême Day Skincare – deliciously aromatic, and rich, rich, rich. A perfect buffer against what was really very chilly Paris weather.

There was time to chill in the café area afterwards over a refreshing tea – frankly, we wouldn’t mind hanging out there all day, reading the coffee table books and enjoying the cheering, bright colours.

All in all, it was a wonderfully confidence-boosting, gracefully welcoming experience. We’ve seen the relaxed future of Paris spas – and this is it.  

To the point where Jo’s started a special Maison Sisley piggy-bank, now. And is definitely going for the full 90 minutes, next time.