The Body Shop Body Yoghurts


Gosh, these are just the summer treat that bodies need right now. Something cooling, light, which sinks in super-fast but leaves you quenched and soft.

We spotted these Body Shop Body Yoghurts while having a general beauty mooch, promptly bought a couple – and they truly are as delicious as the name suggests.

The Mango, Banana (limited edition) and Strawberry are fine if you like that sort of fruitiness (we’re not so keen). Of the eight altogether available, the two which we’re very, very taken with are the Moringa Body Yoghurt – harnessing the renowned moisturising power of moringa oil – and English Rose Body Yoghurt, which has long been one of our favourite Body Shop scents, for its dewy rosiness.

Being Body Shop, there’s an eco-story: all of the Body Yoghurts feature Community Trade almond milk from Mañán in Alicante, Spain. As they explain it: ‘Mañán provide stability for the cooperative of local, small-scale farmers who extract our almond milk, utilising low-intensity farming methods. They also use broken nuts that aren’t sold for food and turn unwanted almond husks into compost to help minimise waste.’

With a cream-gel texture, these are cooling on the skin but the plus point is that they spread incredibly far, incredibly fast. We’re not sure we’ve ever tried a body treat which is as fuss-free as these, in all our days. Apparently, though they’re so quick to apply, the moisturisation can last for 48 hours.

And they’re a total steal, with it.

£8.50 for 198g – buy here