We’re not going to pretend that these got spectacular results – very much in line with our previous experience. When trialled on one leg/hip/buttock (!) for comparison, they both scored in the 7 marks out of 10 range – much lower than winners in most other categories, which tend to be in the upper 8s and 9s. Reading the testers’ comments, these averages reflect that for some women, a product delivered great results, while others were underwhelmed and marked it down. With cellulite, in truth, a huge amount is down to genetics, with lifestyle also playing a key role. Body-brushing is definitely effective (gotta do it daily, though), and massage can help ‘keep it all moving’. Bottom line (if you’ll pardon the phrase): if you do buy any of these winners, you will only see results if you use them diligently, day after day after day. But our take on cellulite is also that if you’re healthy, if you take care of yourself, it’s good to go easy on yourself and not over-angst about lumps and dimples. Chances are they bother nobody but you.


GOLD AWARD Skin689 Anti-Cellulite

Skin689 is a high-tech Swiss brand which only recently made it onto our radar, but is certainly worthy of attention for this winner in a notoriously tricky category. It contains what they tell us is a ‘patented exclusive active ingredient CHacoll®’, which is said to stimulate the formation of new collagen fibres, thereby leading to a smoother skin surface and improved elasticity. Personally, we always prefer to listen to what our testers say – so here goes.


‘I don't have that much cellulite but this certainly made the skin look firmer and better. I don't currently use an anti-cellulite cream but this one made me change my mind about their efficacy and I would buy it’ • ‘10/10. Despite my scepticism, Skin 689 has had a very positive effect on my cellulite combined with healthier eating, exercise and body brushing. I'm very pleased with the 1.5" measurement reduction! I felt that my skin was softer, brighter, firmer and smoother – very definitely less orange peel-y in texture’ • ‘The product is a pleasure to use, and I would happily recommend it’ • ‘I loved using this. It was easy to apply and absorbed quickly, I liked the scent and although it didn't initially appear to make any difference my skin felt softer and smoother over time, and the leg I tested looked less lumpy and a little firmer’ • ‘I really liked the sensation after using this product - it was a little tightening and there was definitely an improvement in skin texture over the trial period. My skin looked smoother and the tone was better’ • ‘By the end of the trial my cellulite did seem less noticeable. I am always a little sceptical of cellulite creams and their claims but this one did indeed seem to live up to its promises. I would buy it’ • ‘It didn't happen immediately but by the end of the testing period I had lost one inch off my thighs. I am excited by that! Cellulite was less visible and I had smoother textured, more ‘alive’ looking legs with a slightly firmer appearance. I am glad I had the chance to try this product’ • ‘This cellulite cream was nice to apply and had a subtle fruity scent; it moisturised my skin and there was some improvement in my cellulite and skin looked smoother’ • ‘Excellent! This lived up to its claims and I lost two inches off my thighs. The cellulite is less prominent and skin smoother and firmer’ 

£49 for 100ml - click to buy

Birch Cellulite Oil Glass Bottle 100 ml.jpg

SILVER/BEST NATURAL AWARD Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

This product has consistently won Beauty Bible Awards over the past couple of decades, making an appearance in many of our books, so we’re really not surprised it made the cut here. All-natural, biodynamically-certified, from a famed Austrian pioneering ‘clean beauty’ name (long, long before that was ‘a thing’), it features potent circulation-boosting botanicals in the form of rosemary, butcher’s broom and an extract of young birch leaves, blended into carrier oils of wheatgerm and jojoba (which help the skin on hips and thighs to retain moisture), with a peppy fragrance from cypress and grapefruit oils.


‘I love this.  My huge wobbly legs still look a bit like a bag filled with rice pudding but the texture and feel of my skin is much improved and my legs look better if not perfect. Also I think because of the natural oils I haven't been bitten by one mosquito the entire time I've been using the product and I normally spend my summers itchy and unhappy. I would certainly buy this’ • ‘I could see a real reduction in my cellulite. I am quite critical of my body and I obviously glance at my cellulite in the mirror when I am getting ready. I did think the overall texture of the cellulite 'ripples' were reduced and I would like to use this in the future’ • ‘This citrusy oil was easy to apply after a shower but does take ten to 15 minutes to absorb fully. My skin felt lovely and smooth and hydrated immediately after use. Two thirds into the trial, I have lost over two inches on my thighs – however, I am following a healthy eating plan and that may be the reason. My skin looks less dull and dry, and this is a great product for summer when you want to wear skirts and shorts’ • ‘You have to massage this into the skin twice a day at least for four weeks, then daily for a lasting effect.  My skin is now smoother in texture and tone.  I love the smell of this product and the way it makes my skin feel – and the fresh fragrance is perfect after a morning sower’ • ‘My skin definitely looks firmer and I have less visible cellulite on my left (test) leg. Skin looks brighter and improved generally and it feels firmer. With more exercise and drinking more water I think I would continue to see improvements. But I feel more confident about flashing the flesh in changing rooms.’

£25.95 for 100ml - click to buy