Kure Bazaar Rose Nail and Lip Balm


This is definitely not the cheapest balm we've ever slicked onto our dry bits. But it is one of the loveliest. (And as we've said repeatedly, like a stuck needle on an old 33 r.p.m. record, when something's lovely it invites regular usage. Which at the end of the day is what makes all the difference.)

Infused with rose oil, which makes it smell subtly luxurious and gorgeous, this is a delectably creamy-textured treat for lips, cuticles and rough bits generally. (Is it weird to sniff your cuticles last thing at night after massaging them last thing at night? Because if so, we're officially weird.)

From Kure Bazaar, whose nail polishes triumphed over mainstream brands in the Beauty Bible Awards, this luscious treatment is crammed with shea and cocoa butters, sunflower seed oil, candelilla wax and both Rosa Damascena oil and extract – hence the compelling scent.

Everything is definitely coming up roses, on our bedside tables.

 £28 – buy here