Let us eat cake! (Thanks to Benefit)


If you’re feeling hard-done-by, sitting in the office while everyone posts sun-drenched Instagrams from Corfu/Ibiza/Kenya, here’s a little something guaranteed to make you feel much less martyred.

To celebrate the launch of Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless concealer – their full-coverage concealer that promises not to look cake-y – the eternally creative and kooky beauty name has collaborated with Deliveroo to deliver ACTUAL cake to your door! Along with an ACTUAL Benefit make-up artist to make sure you’re shade-matched to your perfect concealer, from the four available shades for this special delivery. (There are 12 shades for this new concealer, in all.)

And what’s really amazing? The three cakes are just £12 – and the concealer’s FREE!!!!

Benefit and Deliveroo have partnered with cake queen Lily Vanilli on the three delicious cakes (below): vegan raspberry vanilla cake with cherry, gluten-free strawberry cupcake and mini matcha flower sponge cake.

They’re available to order from selected areas in London, Manchester and Glasgow, via your Deliveroo app. Just search for Benefit Cosmetics Cake-Away.

So your concealer may be cake-less – but you won’t be. Which should put the smile back on your face. (Along with a smear of icing, perhaps.)

(Don’t live in the cake catchment area? Read more about Boi-ing Cakeless here.)