Simple Skin Quench Sleeping Cream


Essentially, ‘sleeping creams’ are night creams by another name. But they’ve become a beauty buzz in the skincare universe, somehow sounding sexier than night creams. (Perhaps because we all spend so much time dreaming of sleep, in one way or another…)

Many of them cost an arm and a couple of legs, though. So we welcome this very effective, very affordable addition to Simple’s from hear-your-skin-slurp-it-up Water Boost skincare range.

Free from perfumes and known sensitisers, Simple Skin Quench Sleeping Cream instantly up skin’s water levels – and you can absolutely feel your complexion’s comfort level rise. But it’s not heavy at all, instead packing its moisturising punch inside a formula that’s satiny and airy, sinking in fast yet relieving tightness and dryness.

Neither your bank manager nor your skin are going to complain about this particular ‘beauty steal’. If payday still seems a long way off (it does, doesn’t it?), you’ll be pleased to hear this is on the right side of a tenner – and will still give you change.

We’ll drink to that – and so will our skins.

£6.99 for 50ml – buy here