Aromatherapy Associates City Serenity Bath & Shower Oil


Harrods get involved in some very clever collaborations with fragrance brands – from Creed to Ormonde Jayne, Ex Nihilo and more. (All names which will be familiar to followers of Jo’s venture The Perfume Society.) Products are generally very luxe, beautifully packaged – and ultra-exclusive. (Which also tends to be reflected in the price.)  

Now they’ve teamed up with the wonderful Aromatherapy Associates to  create possibly the most luxurious (and priciest) bath oil ever to have graced our tubs. Limited edition City Serenity features 24 essential oils – including juniper, bergamot and pink pepper – all chosen to help defend against the stresses and strains of modern living.

Which means it really ought to be available on the NHS – but instead, no getting away from it: this is lottery win stuff. (Northern Ireland’s Patrick and Francis Connolly will definitely want to splash some of their £115million EuroMillions on this ).

We definitely feel we’ve won the lottery, getting our hands on a bottle. But let us tell you: if you’ve that kind of budget, it’s worth every bean.

£160 for 100ml – buy here