Listen up: Your Dream Life podcast with Jo Fairley


Do you know Kikki.K stationery? We have to admit we’re a little obsessed. Oh, how we love a To Do list – and a dream journal. And founder Kristina Karlsson’s book, Your Dream Life Starts Here, is something we’ve been giving away as presents to women seeking a blueprint for the life they want to create for themselves.

Not so long ago, Jo met Kristina when she was over for the book launch. They got chatting. Turns out, Kristina is a huge fan of Green & Black’s, the chocolate brand Jo founded (with husband Craig Sams). Jo, meanwhile, once enquired in a Kikki.K store if it was possible to buy SHARES in the shops, not least because half her income seems to be diverted there.

Upshot: Kristina invited Jo to take part in her very inspiring Your Dream Life podcast series. The pair could easily have rabbited away for a whole day, but their 90-minute conversation’s now been edited down and is available here. If you want to hear Jo sharing her story, do tune in.

Also to be found on Apple podcasts, here.