Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 10.53.37.png

Paul Daniels never pulled off a trick as good as this one. We honestly have now idea how brow queen Shavata’s Day-Long Brow Tint works its magic – but magic it truly is.

To establish the shades – Dusk and Dawn – we tried them on the back of our hands. Nothing happened. We pressed, we drew – nothing. Then we noticed a little piece of paper tucked inside the box they’d been sent in: ‘THESE WON’T WORK ON SKIN,’ they said – and invited us to try the product on a (slightly macabre!) switch of hair included in the box. 

And what do you know: the tint – dispensed by a sort of narrow comb top – glided onto the false piece of hair, tinting it beautifully.

So we tried them on our brows – and the remarkable thing is: this product really does only cling to the hairs, so there’s absolutely nothing on your skin. This is completely invaluable for Jo, whose pale blonde brows fade completely away in a couple of weeks after any and every tinting session. (NB She found the Dawn shade a little too pale – Dusk is really a medium, not a dark tone.) 

The results, then, are super-natural ­– and truly budge-proof, lasting till you take the product off at night.

As Paul Daniels might have said (but didn’t): A-brow-ca-da-bra!

£19 – buy here