Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol Sheet Mask Set

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It’s taken Aromatherapy Associates a wee while to come to the sheet mask party – but it was worth the wait.

First off, we have to counsel: this mask set isn’t your 99p, high street bargain sheet mask. At £52, the kit contains four masks. But still, way cheaper than a facial – and you can do this without leaving the house. (In fact, we’d definitely recommend doing this without leaving the house!)

The masks – which contain frankincense both for its aroma, and its amazing skin rejuvenating powers – are also powered by skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and turmeric, together with rose, which enhances the aroma. The frankincense is there twice: as an essential oil, and a frankincense hydrosol (frankincense-infused water). Now, this is one of the most ‘grounding’ essential oils we know – so the whole experience is wonderful after a frazzled day. 

It doesn’t drip down your chin, like some – and in just 10 minutes skin looks seriously nourished and dewy. (To turbo-charge the results, you can massage with the fingertips over the mask, to ‘push’ the moisture into skin and also – if you use pressure points on the jaw, the cheekbones and anove brow – to de-puff.  

And holy sheet, we’re enjoying it.

£52 for 4 masks – buy here