This Works Power Nap collection


Those clever folks at This Works have basically nailed it again with this collection. But interestingly, they’ve also tapped into some research which shows that it isn’t ‘eight hours slumber per night’ which is the ultimate sleep goal – you can add in power naps to reach your target, according to neuroscientist and sleep specialist Professor Gaby Badre.

We can attest to the power of all the existing sleep products in the This Works collection – truly impressive stuff. But this is new collection is designed to be super fast-acting, for those times when you’ve got a window of, say, a half-hour and you really want to grab some rest.

Now, we love a nap. We’ll let you in on a secret: Jo is actually so keen on naps that in her first editing job, where the only sofa was in Reception, she used to lie down there after lunch for 20 minutes ago, giving the receptionist strict instructions to alert her pronto if their MD hove into sight. He never did twig, and it certainly boosted her performance!

This particular This Works launch focuses on two key products (and an ‘extra’ we’ll come onto). The Sleep Power Nap Spray is designed to be used between 1 - 4 p.m., ideally, delivering a shot of its potent blend of chamomile, lavender and vetiver. In clinical trials, 93% of testers said they performed better mentally, physically and were ‘more able to control their impulses’. (Which we take to mean: they didn’t head for the biscuit tin for a sugar fix, to keep them going.)

We don’t suggest that you apply the Sleep Power Recharge Mask itself during the nap, as the Smurf-coloured product will rub off all over your pillow – but if you can’t get a nap, this really is the next best thing, plumping skin with lashings of hyaluronic acid, gentle fruit acids and a prickly pear extract. You’ll honestly look like you’ve been recharged by a kip, even if you haven’t managed one.

Now, about that ‘extra’. It’s a sort of cowl, in a soft microfibre with a padded ring/pillow around the neck, which you’re supposed to slip over your head while napping. But we find it rather claustrophobic, preferring instead our favoured Bucky Sleep Mask, which fastens with a Velcro strip around the back of the head (read more about it here).

Now, we’re lucky enough both to work at home, where a nap’s entirely possible at any time. But if you can’t manage one during the working week, we say: that’s what weekends are for.

And we think Power Nap really will power up your nap.

Sleep Power Nap Spray/£28 for 50ml – buy here

Sleep Power Recharge Mask/£32 for 50 ml (it currently comes with a mini-size of the spray) – buy here