Chanel Les Eaux bath and body collection

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Generally we have to wait patiently, tapping our fingers, for the bodycare to match a new favourite fragrance. But – yayyy! – Chanel have swiftly followed the launch of their sublime Les Eaux de Chanel Cologne-style scents with matching bodycare for a glorious layering experience.

Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s travels, this trio – by new resident Chanel perfumer Olivier Polge – is light-filled, fresh, airy and incredibly wearable. To describe the scents, we thought we might as well quote from what Jo wrote for her (other) website, The Perfume Society ( 

‘Chanel Paris-Biarritz is the most aquatic of the trio, beckoning us the Côte Basque with the testiness of mandarin and grapefruit, an aqueous breeze running through it, those citrus notes giving way to the incomparable beauty of lily of the valley, in a stunning floral accord.’

‘Chanel Paris-Venise is the most “exotic”, sun-drenched of the trio, taking the sumptuousness of the Orient and enfolding that in a cottony warmth. Shards of light run through it, via citrus notes, with a subtle neroli alongside touches of red berry, Grasse geranium and soft iris. On the skin, we find this the longest-lasting, with a rich, sensual accord of amber and cedarwood.’ 

Chanel Paris-Deauville invites us the Normandy coast via a gust of green notes, with a tie of orange rind, petitgrain and basil leaf. As that ebbs, white flowers and roses drift in, before the signature Chypre character emerges via an undertow of patchouli.’ (It’s actually Jo’s favourite, from the trio, and she adds: ‘If you’re a lover of Chanel Cristalle or No.19, you’ll adore this.) 

All packaged in the incredibly chic, hip flask-style design of bottle (in this case unbreakable, for bathroom use).

 Fabuleux, each and every one.

Hair and Body Shower Gel £38 for 200 ml  Body Lotion £44 for 200 ml ­ buy here

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