Zero Water filter


There’s a lot of stuff in tapwater that we’d rather not put in our bodies – potentially heavy metals, traces of pesticides etc. The way to get really serious about this is to install a reverse osmosis water filter – but that’s not feasible for everyone. It’s expensive. If you’re living in rented accommodation, it’s probably not an investment you want to make in your landlord’s property. And at work? Not gonna happen there, probably.

The answer is a water filtering jug. Now, the usual water filter jugs are OK – but Zero takes them to a whole new level. Zero jugs have been going down a storm in the US, and are now available here – the only gravity-fed filtration system that matches bottled purified water, thanks to a super-effective five-layer filter system which even removes contaminants like mercury, lead and chromium.

The cartridges are certainly bigger than, say, a Brita – and the jug’s heavy enough to give your wrists quite a workout. But what we really like is that tucked into the lid of the jug we trialled is a super-sensitive meter (looking a bit like a thermometer) for measuring dissolved solids, so you know just when to change the screw-in filter. (Replacement filters ARE from £19.99 each – these get much cheaper the more you buy, NB.)

It’s not fast to drain – it does have to go through all those filters, after all – but another super-clever feature is that just below the handle is a push-button; you can hold this over a glass or cup and fill that, even when the full jug’s working its magic.

From £24.99 – buy here