Georganics Toothcare range


We discovered Georganics at this year's Natural and Organic Products Expo – and are hugely impressed at how much thought has gone into what is a really pleasant-to-use toothcare line-up. (And let's face it, pleasure-of-use is probably the single most important factor when it comes to enthusiastic tooth-cleaning.)

They call themselves a 'clean' way to natural teeth-whitening – and 'zero waste', to boot. So you'll find silk dental floss that can be refilled (just lovely to use, this) – including a Minty Charcoal Option – along with glass jars of Natural Mineral-rich Toothpaste, in a range of eight great flavours from Red Mandarin to Spearmint via Activated Charcoal (seen above) and Ginger. (The aluminium lids can also popped in the recycling.)

Being so used to using tubes of toothpaste – which of course aren't recyclable, and are so hard to get the last squeezes out of – we found it surprisingly easy to get used to applying toothpaste with a little spatula (or, after that disappears into a parallel universe, simply scraping from the pot).

In addition, Georganics offer Oil Pulling Mouthwashes, in flavours that 'match' the toothpastes. Oil pulling is fantastic for oral hygiene, helping to tackle bacteria and reduce plaque. Previously, we've simply used coconut oil for this – but we really like this stylishly branded alternative.

Add to that bamboo toothbrushes, fizzing mouthwash tablets (why transport water half-way across the country in a mouthwash when you can add that at home?), together with Natural Toothpowders (if that's more your tooth-cleaning style), and what you have is a range to put a big, greener smile on anyone's face.

From £3.90-11.90 - buy here