Zelens Lip Glaze

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.33.55.png

Mostly, we can’t be arsed to use an age-defying lip product. (We’ve got the hang of eye creams, but lips often get overlooked.)

But there’s absolutely no hassle or faff with this Zelens Lip Glaze– because it just looks like a ‘normal’ lip gloss, yet delivers a power-punch of 11 active ingredients designed to build collagen and boost plumpness, including a tripeptide, vitamin E, shea butter, polyphenol-rich shiso leaf, phosopholipids…

We could go on, but we’d rather tell you why you’ll enjoy using this from the get-go, long-term benefits or not: it’s sheeny rather than too glossy, doesn't taste of anything, stays put for ages (slightly sticky, but nothing we can’t cope with). Basically, we’d use this whether or not it had any age-defying benefits.

We also like that this age-defying lip treat comes in five shades ­from a candy pink Rose through to Rouge (a terrific sheer red, and our favourite).

Lipsmackingly great.

£29 – buy here