Aromatherapy Associates Body Washes

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Say ‘hello’ to two divine extensions to two aromatherapeutic ranges that we have long been devoted to: Deep Relax and Revive. (As are many of you; over the years, lots of these products have scooped Beauty Bible Awards.)

Gently cleansing, kind-to-skin – and just amazingly, aromatherapeutically fragrant. There’s almost nothing known to shift our mood like Aromatherapy Associates, which has been a go-to brand for us for – gosh, can it really be? – three decades. (Wow.)

Relax Body Wash is a sleep-beckoning blend of lavender and vetiver. (Jo likes to use it for her nightly pre-bedtime foot-washing ritual, on nights when she doesn’t have a Deep Relax bath.) Revive Body Wash, by contrast, is a crisp, wake-you-up fusion of bergamot, grapefruit and peppermint.

There’s also a delectable rose-scented option if you just want to feel pretty and pampered. (Which is of course an entire mindset in itself.)

£23 each for 250 ml – buy here