Trinny London Fresh Flush Lip2Cheek (Mama)


As some of you may have seen, Jo popped in to see the lovely Trinny Woodall last week for a conflab, whereupon Trinny whipped Jo into the bathroom for an instant (and entirely unexpected but lovely!) unboxing of our Feel-Good Box collaboration with The Perfume Society. (You can watch it here on Trinny’s always completely riveting T-Time blog.)

Trinny also took a mo to arm Jo before she left with some of the Trinny London newness and she’s fallen hook, line and slicker for this great Flesh Flush Lip2Cheek sheer tint. A limited edition, it has joined the ‘stack’ of Trinny products in Jo’s bag that go literally everywhere with her for make-up-on-the-go. (Trust us: every woman needs to be ‘stacked’.)

Enriched with skin-friendly lightweight oils of daikon seed and passionflower seed, it’s not-too-glossy, and (important!) non-sticky. Ever-so-ever-so-ever-so slightly shimmery, this stain can also double as a quick cheek pick-me-up when you’re looking a bit pale and not very interesting. It somehow seems to adapt to your natural colour and just look very ‘you’ – but if the red shade seems a tad scary, there’s an alternative in a slightly plummier/rosier tone, Katja.

You may know that Trinny names her products after the important women in her life. With Mother’s Day approaching, we think it’s very touching that this one is named, simply, ‘Mama’ – after her mother Ann.

£24 – buy here

The Feel-Good Box/£19 (£15 to The Perfume Society V.I.P. Club Members) – buy here