There is, we concede, a little bit of cross-over here with the neck category – mostly because our testers really chose to use this more on the décolletage than the actual bust area. (We think maybe you actually have to be French to do that regularly.) Impressive scores, though.


GOLD AWARD Stellar Décolletage Dry Oil Mist

This is probably the easiest bust/neck/chest treatment we’ve ever used ourselves: a lightweight, ‘dry’ yet somehow also luxurious blend of oils which spritzes onto the décolletage area and is just so easy to massage in, swiftly absorbing to combat fine lines and wrinkles. (You can almost spritz, dress and go.) The blend of omega-rich oils includes vitamin A- and E-rich Inca Inchi, macadamia, almond, jojoba seed and borage oils (said to relieve breast tenderness), together with shea butter. They recommend spritzing onto cleansed skin, morning and evening, smoothing in with upwards movements towards the neck and onto the upper arms. A real pleasure, we’ve found. (And when you enjoy using something, that’s when you’ll see results – because you use it diligently.)


‘The problem with this product is that you want to stroke your own skin! It makes the skin feel so lovely, so soft, velvety almost - bit embarrassing as it’s the chest area I've been using it on…  I have used quite a few dry oils but this one is really lovely and the fine lines on my chest do look better.  I liked the shape of the bottle and how the oil dried down very fast so I could get dressed quickly - I didn’t see or notice any transfer of the oil to my clothes’ • ‘Loved the beautiful sculptural glass bottle. The oil absorbs instantly but did feel tacky so I ended up just using it at night. It leaves skin feeling beautifully soft. The scent was pleasant but not strong. My décolletage does appear smoother and fine lines have gone. I didn't notice any change to the skin on the actual breast’ • ‘After four weeks of use, the skin on my décolleté was so much better - smoother, less lined and the crêpiness has gone completely. I have used many neck and décolleté creams but this one has worked much better than any of them. I can’t say that I had any lifting of my breast area but I’m 58 and even magic couldn’t manage that, lol. However my skin was vastly improved and I loved how much younger it made my décolleté look’ • ‘After four weeks, I noticed that the contours of the breast I used this oil on seemed to be firmer and the skin looked good and felt silky’ • ‘Skin was much improved after just a couple of days. After two weeks, the lines on my décolletage had all but disappeared, no more crêpiness, tone much improved but no discernible difference in firmness’ • ‘Amazing smell reminds me of Hawaiian flowers; the lines on my décolletage have all but disappeared; great to see a product specifically for neck, décolletage and bust; intensely gentle on the skin - no adverse reaction; absorbs in seconds; smells divine; fantastic treat for underarms, which have a tendency to dryness; decent-sized glass bottle which is very tactile; easy to use spray which releases just the right amount of product; smell lingers for a long time and doesn't clash with own perfume; a tiny bit goes a long way.’

£68 for 100ml - click to buy


SILVER AWARD Sarah Chapman Skinesis Neck & Chest Rejuvenating Complex

Superfacialist Sarah Chapman’s product is definitely designed to be used on necks as well as chests – a silky lotion powered by some very high-tech patented molecules (as is Sarah’s wont) which we aren’t going to bother to list here because to be honest, even we don’t know what they do/are. (And does it matter? Our tester comments are surely what count, rather than the science behind these products.) More familiar ingredients, however, include sea holly and vitamin C, while the fragrance was a definite hit, with its blend of jasmine and neroli. It’s designed to combat dark pigmentation, collagen breakdown and creasing – and here’s what our testers thought.


‘10/10. Each time I used the product I could see an immediate difference in my skin, looking and feeling softer, stretch marks reduced after time, the look of the skin looked younger and slightly firmer. Although I was hoping for a whole bust lift!!! It did feel great, with very healthy and nourished skin’ • ‘The crepeyness has disappeared, my stretch marks have visibly reduced and my chest/décolleté is clearer and younger looking. I suffer with spots and slight pigmentation, and both have reduced. I was concerned due the product feeling quite rich, but it didn’t make the spots worse or clog, it helped to clear and nourish without causing any breakouts. I have not had a chest breakout since’ • ‘I was sceptical but then very impressed. This product has really helped the neglected skin on my chest and neck area look and feel much better. It promised to restore a youthful neck and chest contour, improve skin density, reduce pigmentation and the appearance of lines and creases. I think it did live up to these claims. I don't have pigmentation but felt that it did improve my skin in the other ways’ • ‘Nice, almost gel-like consistency that sank in well, dried quickly and left skin immediately smooth and hydrated. After four weeks the skin did feel firmer and seemed to have a smoother texture. I felt the product lived up to the promise on the label and, depending on price, I would buy it’ • ‘I loved the lightness of the product and the immediate plumping effect. After two weeks I saw a difference in skin tone; the skin was less crêpey and more hydrated. I think this product did live up to the promise of improving crêpiness, but I don't think it made a big difference on my lines/creases. The bust did look firmer due to the lessening of crêpiness and there was a plumpness due to good hydration so the skin looked more youthful’ • ‘I was really surprised what a difference this bust cream made when used daily. No difference in firmness or tone but skin did appear plump and smoother. NOTHING has worked for me before’ • ‘Skin immediately softer and smoother and slight difference with firmness after two weeks; skin on neck and bust is less crêpey. While the results were subtle, there were clear benefits to using this product. I felt better about my body after using this product.’

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