Treatments we love…Yuvã facial massage


The aim of Yuvã - which is based on Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India - is not just to stimulate the muscles of the face, explains Lucinda Wallop. ‘We have 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body so a good face massage will impact every organ.’ So you should emerge from your 90-minute treatment (in Chelsea, west London or Castle Cary, Somerset) feeling good not just about your face and body, but also your mind.

Sarah visited Lucinda at her Castle Cary treatment room –here’s her report:

‘I creaked through Lucinda’s front door with quite a lot of me aching after a long traffic-heavy drive down from London. Within minutes, Lucinda had me lying on her sofa, propped on cushions, sipping cucumber water and feeling rather like a convalescent patient with a simply wonderful matron looking after me. We talked for some time with Lucinda gleaning information about my life before we repaired to her treatment room where I lay down again, this time on her treatment table swathed in warm wraps. (No need to undress, she said, but feel free to take off anything tight.)

This is the point where the whole experience becomes rather fuzzy. As the friend who urged me to see Lucinda agreed, you’re not really sure what happens as you drift off in a cushy haze of de-stressing and deep relaxation (something which that friend, a working mother with an exhausting schedule, really appreciated). 

In a nutshell, the massage involves her fingertips softly pinching all over the skin of your face, and gently rubbing shoulders and spine. Much more than is impossible to say. On the website it explains that Yuvã doesn't need oils or creams, it relies solely on the power of touch, using intricate upward strokes to release restrictions and tensions in the muscles and connective tissue of the face.

The techniques help to increase circulation and thus oxygenate the facial muscles and tissues so the nutrients can flow through clean blood plasma. That results, Lucinda says, in nourished, smoother, rejuvenated skin.

Meanwhile, the deep relaxation also gives you a profound sense of wellbeing. The aim, according to Lucinda, is to “tip clients out of their busy, busy, dash, dash, on-all-the-time mode and get their bodies to simply idle for a while.”

Interestingly, Lucinda spends a lot of time with some clients simply telling them they are wonderful. “Women are mostly givers. They need to take time to receive. I tell my ladies that coming to see me isn’t a luxury or pampering but their time to recharge and to invest in themselves.” Frazzled men are increasingly coming to see Lucinda too.

I didn't really notice that much difference in my face after the session but, the day after, catching sight of myself in the mirror was a different story. My face looked plumper, firmer and smoother and yes, younger. That endured, perhaps even increased a little, over a week or so. I’m sure regular treatments would maintain the benefits.

Lucinda shows clients simple facial exercises to increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage and emphasises her mantra of hydration, hydration, hydration – not just drinking more water but also spritzing with facial mists. Her favourite is the AMLY range of Mineral Face Mists, which have complementary oils and balms (

So – Yuvã facial massage: not just a treatment, more a way of life. Lucinda Wallop on 07774-244 300