NÜUT (on-the-go nutrition)

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From the first Beauty Bible book in the mid-1990s, we’ve always emphasised the vital importance of an inside/outside approach to beauty. Looking good and feeling good is truly as much about eating good as great skin and haircare and fab colour cosmetics – though we really really love those too.

Sitting down to a home-cooked ‘proper’ meal is a joy in many ways but sometimes time just doesn't allow. OR – and this is the case with Sarah’s oldest friend – you’re trying to lose a bit of weight and tempted to try one of those meal replacement drinks. That’s where NUUT comes in.

NUUT (think ‘Nuutrition’…) was founded by Australian health and beauty entrepreneur and working dad Adil Bux (part of the team behind Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir) because he couldn't find an organic, nutritionally excellent, ethically produced and – importantly – delicious meal-in-a-drink.

The low-carb blends are formulated with natural, mostly organic ingredients and contain plenty of protein and fats, plus pre and probiotics to keep blood sugar and energy levels stable. They are truly delicious to drink (just mix them up really well – shaking in a tightly lidded jam jar does the trick tho’ NUUT offers a branded Thermos shaker bottle), they fill you up and keep you going.

The blends work for people who want to eat vegan, paleo, keto or intermittent fasting diets (okay, we hate the D-word but it’s the most accurate in this context).

Price-wise, they’re not the cheapest option but each sachet works out at just under a fiver per sachet, which really is pretty good value for what they give you. They’re great to keep one in your bag for emergency supplies – all you need is milk (dairy or non-) or water and abracadabra!

14 sachets plus shaker bottle and counter top box, free express shipping/£69 from nuut.combuy here