Treatments We Love: Michelle Roques O’Neil


Michelle Roques O'Neil has been a significant name on the health, beauty and wellbeing radar for three decades. She describes herself as a perfume alchemist, aromatherapist and now primarily a healer. She formulates wonderful – inimitable – products, which you can find on her website, and also treats clients at her West London HQ. Here’s Sarah’s account of a recent visit. ‘So… one July afternoon this year, I found myself getting out of my car to visit Michelle for a treatment. Both my body and my brain felt stiff. Since Easter, life had been more than usually burdensome with serious and scary family illness on top of a seemingly never-ending list of commitments at work and home. I’m usually a jolly sort of person but I remember feeling rather like a wire clothes hanger - all rigid and angular, as if everything depended on me holding on – to something, everything… anything.

‘What happened during the next 90 minutes seemed relatively straightforward. We talked a bit and then Michelle gave me a full body and head massage with her own aromatherapy oils, using a rose crystal on my face. The massage was wonderful but it was the crystal that was the significant moment. I suddenly realised that all I had to do was to let go….

‘Maybe that doesn't sound a transformative moment but actually it was. When I came out, all of me felt different – lighter, more grounded, peaceful and, although no external circumstances had changed, I felt I could cope with all of it, partly by not doing anything.

‘As I say, it almost didn't feel like a great deal had happened. But when I was dressed again and Michelle came back into the room, she looked at me and said “you’ve been on a long journey.”’

A month later, one of my closest friends was in a similar sort of meltdown. I suggested she go to Michelle and she too was blown away. The value of what she gives is extraordinary.

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