Darphin Hydraskin All-day Eye Refresh Gel-Cream


Gel-creams are rapidly becoming our favourite cosmetic textures. Sensorially, they’re instantly soothing and cooling on the skin – and often (especially around the eyes) that’s what we crave. The pleasure factor of this is right up there. Which means: you’ll actually look forward to using it. Which means: you’ll do it. Which means: you’re more likely to see benefits, since eye products don’t work when they’re left languishing on the bathroom shelf.

This is a 91% natural product, incorporating botanicals like butterfly lavender, Salicornia herbacea and ‘frozen water algae’. It sets out to tackle dark circles (a longer-term challenge) but we can testify to its effectiveness at de-puffing and hydrating, creating a lovely, smooth texture for make-up application.

Cool. In several ways.

Darphin Hydraskin All-day Eye Refresh Gel-Cream/£30 for 15ml at lookfantastic.com