Soohyang home fragrances


Soohyang translates as 'excellent fragrance' in Korean (that's where this collection comes from) – and these home scents are indeed 'excellent fragrances', available in a range of different blends and air-fragrancing options. The range is the 'baby' of Soohyang Kim, a Korean woman who believes that fragrance should reflect the characteristics of the space in which it's being used. 'Like an outfit that fits perfectly, or a moving piece of music, a sensitively-chosen fragrance can conjure up memories and meaning that last a lifetime.' (And you've got to love someone who emblazons her pretty pink packaging with the simple message: 'Life is better when you smell nice.')

Actually, it's a pretty whacking collection – 33 different scents ranging from fresh florals to nuzzleable musks, in the form of candles, beeswax wardrobe tablets (we're loving those), diffusers and room sprays. Knowing that such a selection can paralyse even a die-hard scentophile, however, we thought we'd share our own favourites.

• Beeswax Scented Tablet – hexagonally shaped, 100% beeswax, with a satin ribbon to tie to a hanger handle in your wardrobe; these are a great way to fragrance clothes. (You could equally hang on a knob or hook to scent a room.) We've gone for the woody Hinoki fragrance.

• Scented Candle – yes, we know, we know; there are a gazillion million of these out there. But we've nevertheless fallen for Freshmint Darling, a wonderfully reviving candle – especially when lit during an afternoon slump.

• Home Spray for Rooms & Fabrics – a rather stylish gun-style room spray which really fills a space. We went for clean, green Everyday is Like Sunday. (If only! But it has us dreaming...)

Soohyang Home Fragrances/£14 (for Wax Tablets) to £50 (Diffuser Set) at