The gifts under £50 that Beauty Bible Loves

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For that extra-special friend... Your mum. Or just because you're worth it! Our criteria for selecting the products in our gift guides is simple: would we want to be given these ourselves? If the answer's 'yes', only then will you find them here. So...

NARS Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Kit Man Ray Holiday Edition

This is pretty wowzer news: NARS has actually teamed up with the surrealist artist Man Ray's estate to produce the most stunning gold bag, featuring the artist's iconic 'lip' image and with four of their fabulous matte lip pencils tucked inside. This is truly a collector's item – and unlike anything we've ever seen, where the art of make-up meets art.

£48 - buy here


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Bramley and Rebecca Wandsworth Christmas Candle

Cotswold-based Bramley (read our rave about their oils in our Fab Find of the Week, here) have collaborated with ceramicist Rebecca Wandsworth to produce one-of-a-kind candles in hand-painted, gilded vessels. No two are exactly alike – that's their charm – but they feature the beautiful scent of cedarwood and cinnamon, softened by vanilla. Gorgeous.

£45 each - buy here


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Floris Luxury Soap Collection

Yes, please! Pretty-please! As small pleasures go, few delight us more than unwrapping the paper from a fresh bar of Floris soap – and this gift set multiplies that, six times over. These beautiful, hand-milled 100 g soaps come in some of Floris’s bestselling scents: Stephanotis, White Rose, Lily of the Valley, Cefiro, Edwardian Bouquet and Rose Geranium (Jo’s all-time favourite soap). We like to tuck the unopened soaps in our chest of drawers, layering them between lingerie or scarves to impart their scent, before use. But whatever you do, don’t save these for ‘best’ – this is the type of indulgence we should all allow ourselves to appreciate, every day.

£40 - buy here

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REN Moroccan Rose Otto Duo

Double the petal-powered gorgeousness from REN – with the same glorious, sense-drenching rosiness of the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Scrub, which won Gold in our Beauty Bible Awards 2017/2018, here. This body wash and nourishing body lotion offer a treat for the nose as well as the skin – and the flamboyant box begs for a second life (trinkets, desk accessories, that lipstick stash…)

£36 - buy here

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Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Mini Celebrity Lipstick Charms

Darling, dinky, almost dolly-sized lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury’s collection, in the form of little charms that you can dangle from a keyring so as to never, ever be caught without lipstick – and in three shades, to flatter almost every complexion.

£29 - buy here

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Trinny London Gift Stack

Trinny London is just one of our favourite, favoure new make-up lines: a clever range of stackable products (from Trinny ‘What Not To Wear’ Woodall) designed to be blended into skin with fingers – and in some cases, with barely a glance in the mirror required. (Read our review about the range here.) As you’ll see, the key to the range is generally that you’d get your Match2Me ‘prescription’ – but there are quite a few products that flatter universally, which Trinny London has collated into brilliant, giftable stacks. They come at different price-points, but under £50 are Less is More (two products – choose from five shades of Lip2Cheek multi-tasking colour, or from four shades of lip gloss), and Perfect Lip, which contains Trinny’s brilliant mattifier and a pot of velvety-finish Lip Luxe (you get to choose from six fab shades). As we say, just one of the gifts we’d be super, super-happy to receive ourselves.

From £40 - buy here