Beatitude Peace Pillow Spray

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 14.42.29.png

Right now, we need all the bottled calm we can find – and this is just the most wonderfully grounding, soothing, it’s-all-going-to-be OK smell, from aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor’s Beatitude collection.

Based on over three years of blending, to get the perfect formulation for getting a good night’s sleep (an issue which affects 75% of us), it blends lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, patchouli, mandarin, cedarwood and petitgrain in a base of orange flower water.

Rebecca recommends spritzing your pillow liberally, lying back and breathing in through your nose for seven seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds. Repeat until you feel snoozy.

However, what we would say ourselves is that beyond being a great pillow spray, this is a fantastically relaxing room spray. We’ve been spritzing the office with it first thing in the morning, in the run-up to Christmas.

No, we’re not promptly nodding off at our screens – it’s just fantastically calming, setting the stress-free tone for the day at what is a lovely (but often seriously panic-inducing) time of year.

£16 for 50 ml - buy here