The Guinea Pig podcast: the inside story on aesthetic procedures

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 If you’re contemplating a cosmetic procedure of any kind – invasive or non-invasive – what you really want is a friend to talk through the pros and cons with you. A very, very knowledgeable friend, that is. In fact, an expert like plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor Dr. Maryam Zamani.

Former Vogue editor at large Fiona Golfar, also a trained make-up artist, is a self-confessed tweakment junkie.  She was one of the first women to try Botox when it hit these shores two decades back. Her husband threatened to divorce her if she did it but she went ahead anyway – long story but it involves her fibbing that she was having an affair with the doctor rather than admitting to having Botox…

The procedure left Fiona with a face’ like a pincushion’ in the short term, ‘then a frozen shiny ball’.  It wasn’t a good look but – undaunted - she has gone on to try almost everything that came her way, from face lifts to tummy tucks via fillers and the rest.

After repeated visits and occasionally desperate phone calls, Fiona’s aesthetic doctor of choice, Dr. Zamani, became a great friend. One day, chatting as they did through the benefits and risks of a new procedure, they had a light bulb moment. Other women might well want/need what Fiona did – a real expert friend to discuss the options with.

Thus The Guinea Pig podcasts, which, say the dynamic duo, ‘deliver uncensored aesthetic treatment reviews to the masses!’  Fiona, who fully intends to try most of the treatments (though she admits she may need to recruit a few helpers), is there to act as the ‘curious consumer’ while Maryam provides the medical insights and advice, including the all-important topic of what questions to ask and when to be sceptical about a procedure, practitioner or promise.

It’s gripping! So settle down with a cup or glass of something nice and listen to The Guinea Pig podcasts. Find them here.

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