Scence Balms


Nobody wants single-use plastic any more. But issues around glass packaging are complicated: it can be energy-intensive to produce, transport and ultimately recycle.

So we were thrilled to happen upon a brand that’s blazing a trail on the sustainable packaging front by packing everything (face balms, lip balms, hand balms, deodorants) in cardboard. That’s it. Cardboard. Just recycle or compost after use. Not the most sophisticated on the planet – but definitely among the most eco-friendly.

Everything from Scence comes in stick format, swiveling up to deliver the products themselves. This sounds strange, but because the products are based on coconut oil and mango butter – which melt at body temperature – this actually works; they glide over skin and sink right in. Massage, if you choose – but there’s barely any need. Somehow, the products deliver the right amount, with one sweep.

Scence hand-craft their products in Cornwall, infusing them with lovely, aromatherapeutic smells, too (except for the unscented versions) – scents like aromatic Clary Sage or Juniper Berry, soft floral Cool Rose, woody Cedar Fresh, zingy Pepper Minty, Bitter Orange or (this is Jo’s favourite, being a patchouli-holic from way back), the wonderfully grounding Earth Spice. In the body balms, there’s also an After-Sun Body Moisturiser, too.

One last MAJOR bonus: affordability. Starting at just £3.90 for the lip balm up to £12 for the Body Balms, these don’t cost the earth in any way.

From £3.90-12 – buy here