Super Facialist Neroli Intense Firming Serum


Serums often cost an arm and a leg - so we're delighted to introduce you to one which won't break the bank, for once. First off, why use a serum? Because the lightweight formulation enables use of high levels of active ingredients - in this case, an apple-derived stem cell ingredient, a collagen-boosting peptide and good old hyaluronic acid, for skin-plumping. (Una Brennan, BTW, is an in-demand 'superfacialist' - hence the name of her range.)

Most importantly, it smells fab - thanks to the neroli. And really, with any treatment product like this, that's key: when something's pleasurable, we use it in the way intended - which is twice daily, in this case, under moisturiser. (Serums aren't moisturising enough to get away with on their own, in general.)

And what we've found is that it delivers a much-needed-at-this-time-of-year 'pep', to tired skins - and we look forward to using it: a little breath of neroli heaven, to be truly enjoyed morning and night...

Super Facialist Neroli Intense Firming Serum/£16.99 for 30 ml at